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Rival Performance Motorsports aims to ensure your satisfaction. Here are the essentials for handling any product concerns:

  • Initial Step: Always begin by contacting the original place of purchase. All claims and refunds are processed through them.
  • Installation Concerns: If a product issue arises post-installation, do not remove the product before the original seller authorizes a return. Removing a product prematurely may void your warranty claim.
  • Warranty: Warranties apply solely to the original owner. Dealers or direct purchasers from Rival Performance Co should use the form provided on our website for claims.
  • Cancellation and Fees: Orders canceled beyond 48 hours of placement incur a 20% fee. Orders cannot be canceled once shipped. Manufacturing for special order items, like our "Special Operations Exhaust Systems," can take 8-12 weeks.

Non-Returnable Items: This list includes electrical items, installed universal valved mufflers, special order systems, and items missing their original packaging, among others.

Returnable Items: Stock items, excluding special operations systems, and uninstalled universal valved muffler kits, are subject to a 30% restocking fee. Returns are accepted within 14 days from the delivery date.

Refunds: Only the original place of purchase can issue refunds, with approved returns needing to reach Rival Performance Co within 30 days of return authorization.

Damages and Warranty Claims: In case of shipping damage, follow our guide and provide detailed documentation for claims processing. Warranty claims require adherence to our guidelines, including not removing or altering the product before claim approval.

Exchanges and Partial Returns: Exchanges require a new order, and partial returns are not accepted. Ensure the correct products are ordered to avoid fitment issues.

Product Discounts and Chargeback Policy: Discounts apply if a sale starts within 24 hours of your order placement but are subject to specific conditions. Chargebacks require returning the goods to us first.

Please consult our website or contact customer service at for further assistance or clarification on any issues.

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