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About Us

About Us

Meet the Founders, Carter Vance and Mike Leonard - the dynamic duo behind Rival Performance Motorsports.

Rooted in a lifelong passion for cars and a shared vision of entrepreneurial freedom, Carter and Mike transitioned from successful careers in corporate America to chase a dream they've had since childhood. In 2023, they co-founded Rival Performance Motorsports, not just as a business, but as a pledge to never leave the car scene they love.

Carter and Mike's journey began at a supply chain solutions company in Tampa, Florida, where their professional paths crossed, leading to an unwavering friendship bonded by a mutual love for all things automotive. They quickly discovered they shared not just similar career backgrounds in sales but also an identical enthusiasm for high-performance and exotic cars. This shared passion resulted in the creation of Rival Performance Motorsports, a name now synonymous with quality, innovation, and the very lifestyle its founders embody.

At Rival Performance Motorsports, Carter and Mike are more than co-founders; they are visionaries. Their roles transcend traditional titles as they work side by side with their team and customers, bringing to life a shared passion for automotive excellence. Their relentless drive and hands-on approach have been instrumental in not only shaping the company's products but also its culture and community.

But Rival Performance Motorsports is more than just a manufacturer and retailer of high-end automotive parts. Carter and Mike envision it as a lifestyle brand for the high-end car enthusiast—a brand that stands for more than just quality; it symbolizes a commitment to fun, camaraderie, and the pure thrill of the drive. From attending rallies and car meets to participating in exclusive events, they lead their brand by example, fostering a community where like-minded individuals can connect and share their passion for exotic cars.

Through Rival Performance Motorsports, Carter and Mike have not only realized their personal dreams but have also created a platform that invites others to explore and deepen their love for the automotive world. Join them on this exhilarating journey as they continue to push the boundaries, one high-performance exhaust at a time.

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